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Here's what you need to know Monday August 9, 2021


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Here’s what you need to know on this National Rice Pudding Day

Here’s your business brief —  No jab no job

A growing number of companies have required their employees to get vaccinated, get tested, or risk termination. Frontier airlines being on the latest. The Denver based air carrier announced all employees must get vaccinated or submit to regular COVID testing. This comes alongside a stark decrease in bookings. Fortunately the budget airline also announced that the majority of its employees have already been vaccinated. This comes on the heels of United Airlines which made a similar move last week. Meanwhile, American Airlines is taking a different approach. CEO Doug Parker told the New York Times last week that it would not require vaccinations but it would encourage employees to through an incentive program. 

Meanwhile, mask mandates are making a comeback at several large companies including Facebook and now Amazon. The e-commerce giant will now require all of its warehouse workers to wear masks. The tech giant announced the news on Friday and the policy went into effect today. In May, the company told it’s employees they would no longer require masks indoors if they were fully vaccinated. That changed amid stubborn vaccine defiance prompted an increase in cases including breakthrough cases outlined in the recent report from the CDC. Public health officials say the best way to return to normalcy is to get vaccinated. That will limit the spread further and decrease the chance of a new variant which could evade the current vaccines on the market.

A jump in job openings — new listings jumped to a record high in June. This is according to a report from the Labor Department out earlier today. New listings rose by a staggering 590,000 in June. That brought  the total number topping 10 million by July 1. Hiring also saw a surge. That jumped by 700,000 from  the month prior to 6.7 million. These numbers are reflective of a few months ago. This could change as the Delta variant hinders reopening efforts. 

A climate change conundrum —Exxon has been suspended from the advocacy group the Climate Leadership Council a group which the oil company was a founding member of. This comes following a leaked video with a longtime Exxon lobbyist Keith McCoy who claimed that the oil company supported the carbon tax as a PR move. McCoy in this now month old video that said that he thought  Biden’s new plan to slash US greenhouse gas emissions is “insane” In the clip he also admitted that the company fought climate science through shadow groups. According to Axios, Exxon called suspended ​​disappointing and counterproductive”  This comes amid a troubling new report from the UN climate panel out earlier today.  It said  limiting global warming by 1.5 degrees even 2 degrees Celsius  “will be beyond reach” in the next two decades without immediate large-scale reductions. 

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