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Here are the stories need to know August 5, 2021


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Here’s what you need to know on this National Oyster Day

First, here is your business brief 

 Jobless claims fell last week. This is according to the Labor Department report out earlier today. 

First time claims came in at 385,000. That’s down 14,000 from the week prior. It’s also about even with what was expected. Economists forecasted 383,000 initial filings. The big news here is with continuing claims. That came at a little more than 2.9 million. That’s a pandemic era low. This comes despite stalling reopening efforts amid the concerning delta variant. It’s a bit lower than what was expected. Economists forecasted 3.2 million claims. 

Now to the skies or lack thereof….Spirit Airlines cancelled about half of its flights today.

It’s the fifth straight day of cancellations angering consumers. Since the weekend the budget air carrier cancelled more than 1,700 flights. The Florida based airline says the cancellations are because of a combination of factors. That includes bad weather and staffing shortages. Spirit is not the only air carrier facing massive delays and cancellations this week. American Airlines also cancelled hundreds of flights.

Meanwhile, Moderna reported its earnings earlier today beating Wall Street expectations. Earnings per share came to $6.46. That’s higher than $5.96 that was expected. Revenue topped $4.3 billon.  The pharmaceutical giant’s stellar earnings report comes amid a promising new study about it’s COVID-19 vaccine.  In a statement Moderna ahead of its earnings call said its vaccine still showed 93% efficacy after six months. The Boston area based company is also studying the need for a potential booster shot. According to Phase 2 clinical trials, the booster prompted a “robust” response​​ against the highly transmissible delta variant.

An educated decision — Target has announced a new plan to help its employees to get a degree. The program will be available starting this fall to 340,000 of its employees. That cover all full time and part time workers at their headquarters, stores, and distribution centers.The program will cover 250 business related degrees at more than 40 different institutions. It will also cover the cost of books. The big box retailer says it will spend $200 million as part of the program over the next four years.  

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