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Here's What You Need To Know On August 12, 2021


Happy Thursday,

Here’s what you need to know on this World Elephant Day 

Here’s your business brief Here’s your business brief — Here’s your business brief — ​​Jobless claims tumbled last week. This is according to the Labor Department report out earlier today. 

There were 375,000 first time claims in this week’s report. That’s the third straight week of declines. It’s also even with what was expected. Continuing claims also ticking downward. That came in at little more than 2.8 million. That’s the lowest since March 2020. It’s also about even with what was expected. These numbers could change in the weeks to come amid the concerning delta variant which slowed down reopening plans. 

Some big news for Google employees. Workers who choose to work from home permanently could face pay cuts of up 25%. This is according to some new reporting from Reuters. According to the report, the company developed a pay cut calculator of sorts. Reportedly a worker based in the tech giant’s New York office relocated to Stamford CT, which about an hour from the city and is facing a 15% pay cut. The move comes as a bit of a surprise. Just last week the company approved 10,000 new work from home requests. It also comes on the heels of the company’s move to push back their reopening plans.

Another day, another cyberattack-- This time the victim consulting firm Accenture. It has been hit by the Ransomware Group LockBit. The hackers claimed they have more than 6 terabytes of  “top secret” information. They’re demanding $50 million in payments from the company or they will release that data. In a statement, Accenture said it discovered irregular activities ​​and isolated the servers in question. 

CVS is making moves to jump into the telehealth business. The pharmacy chain just launched a full primary care service all online. It developed the product alongside the telehealth provider Teladoc with insurance provider Aetna. In addition to the telehealth service the new program will also allow CVS customers to have access to Aetna's existing  mental health counseling, dermatology and 24/7 online urgent care services. As for in-person care, members will have zero-dollar copays for visits at CVS MinuteClinic and HealthHub locations

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