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What You Need To Know August 2, 2021


Happy Monday,

Thanks to those of you that asked, I will start sending Business Briefs via the America In Context Newsletter. Before we get to that I want to give you a little background on where the program is right now: 

WHAT IS BUSINESS BRIEF: Business Brief is a nationally syndicated daily business news update and interview program anchored by Andy Hirschfeld. From Washington to Wall Street to Main Street— if your dollar is involved. We’re talking about.

WHO HAS APPEARED ON BUSINESS BRIEF: Everyone from politicians to CEOs to activists to influencers. Recent guests have included former HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan, CEO of Sesame Health David Goldhill, Paris Hilton and many others. 

WHERE AND WHEN CAN I CATCH BUSINESS BRIEF: Business Brief is a wide reaching program and can be accessed on many different platforms and at many different times. 

TV: Business Brief is carried on 52 different conventional over the air TV stations around the United States. They are owned and operated by the Michigan-based station operator NewsNet. It is carried on stations affiliated with ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NewsNet, as well as independent stations. Although not daily, notable stations that carry business brief include KTBY Fox 4 Anchorage, CW - WISH-TV Indianapolis, and WLJP/NJNN in Northern New Jersey among others. It primarily runs during evening newscasts.

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HOW MANY PEOPLE WATCH BUSINESS BRIEF: Quite a few actually. That number is growing daily. Depending on the day and who carries it on a given day Business Brief is viewed anywhere from 200k to well over 3 million unique viewers across all platforms every single day. Thanks to our diverse distribution strategy, it performs on par, if not better, than programming from Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg on a daily basis. 

(thanks to a friend of mine in PR for snagging this screen grab on our metrics from TVEyes via one of the many local stations we work with)


A growing number of companies have announced vaccine requirements for patrons and their employees.

Walmart is one of the latest. The country's largest retailer said all employees must be vaccinated by October 4th.  In Silicon Valley, Google and Facebook have announced they will require vaccines as employees return to their campuses. Delta and United airlines have taken similar measures. Government agencies are not far behind. 

Earlier today New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced new requirements for the state’s major transit systems including the MTA and Port Authority. The state will require transit workers to be vaccinated by Labor Day. This comes following the update guidance from the CDC amid the highly transmissible delta variant. In some places mask mandates have made a comeback including New Orleans. Louisiana touts one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country with only 37% of the population fully vaccinated. 

Some good news though, vaccination rates are ticking up on the heels of this troubling trend. It’s up 25% in Mobile county Alabama and New York City just surpassed 10 million shots administered. This comes amid a growing number of initiatives from both the private and public sectors. Those have included cash lotteries in states like Missouri and Ohio. In New York, the Union Square Hospitality Group, which owns some of the most prestigious restaurants in the city is now requiring patrons to show proof of vaccination. In California, the SF Bar Owner Alliance which represents more than 500 bars across the bay area is taking a similar approach. 

Meanwhile, Apple is making its own COVID-19 protections within the app store. The tech giant just removed a new dating app from the platform specifically for the unvaccinated. The app, is aptly named ‘Unjected’. Reportedly, in large part Apple removed the app because the developer purposely removed compliance measures the apps are required to uphold to be listed on the app store. According to reporting from Bloomberg, Unjected’s developers have encouraged users not certain to words to when leaving reviewing including “microchip” and “jab”. This was in an effort to avoid detection.

And a consumer alert: Sunshine Mills, has issued a recall for some of its dog food products. 

The FDA announced the recall late last week. This is because of possible elevated Aflatoxin.  That’s a harmful by-product of some species of mold which can cause illness for some pets if “consumed in significant quantities.” This recall includes some bags Triumph, Evolve, Wild Harvest, Nurture Farms, Pure Being, and Elm products. Those have best if used by dates in February 2022. For more information head on over to the FDA’s website.

(You can always watch it here) or the full broadcast at 8:20P ET (here)


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