Opinion: A Quick Note on News Literacy

For Those Who Don't Seem To Understand The Role of Journalism

Trump loyalists tout the term ‘fake news’ to describe news they don’t like— it’s just that… news they don’t like. That does not mean it’s not real.

Journalism exists to hold the powerful accountable. I get no one likes to be called out so it’s always going to annoy someone. We are not in the business of making you feel good or making someone look good or otherwise bad. Making someone look good is the job of those who work in PR. That’s not what we do.

We are in the business of pointing out the facts and show where they lead. Do we have a bias? Yes, we are very much pro-factual information.

If one side of the aisle is lying more than the other obviously it might appear that we can lean one way. Don’t lie and things might actually look better for you. The facts speak for themselves and it our job to point them out. If leaders look bad that’s their own doing— not ours.

Are we perfect? Not in the least bit. There is always room for improvement. I, along with my peers, are trying to do that everyday to tell you the stories you need to know in the best way possible.

Regardless, the President’s Tweets only suggest he has self-esteem issues. If I am wrong and that is not the case, he should rethink his communication strategy because that’s the vibe he is giving off. I get it at some level. There is a lot of pressure on the person who holds the office of the presidency but that’s why that job is not for everyone.

Leaders should really be above the noise not part of it. As the saying goes, if you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen.