Moving To New Website is our new home

Hello Readers,

Thanks so much for continuing to read our reporting as we change the way business and consumer reporting fundamentally works. We’ve decided as part of the next steps in our strategic vision to move on from Substack as platform and onto our own standalone site — There you can read the latest stories from journalists, thinkers, and activists. You can listen to our podcasts Adding Context and The Coffee Break and watch our Happs TV show.

As we continue to expand, we will soon introduce our events, webinars, and series tabs for paywalled subscribers through our new site. For current paywall subscribers— your payment has been transferred to our new platform. You’ll still get our email newsletter. If you signed up for free you’ve already migrated into our new system as well.

Please make sure to subscribe. We can only continue to bring you strong reporting with the support of readers like you, be sure to donate and subscribe.

— The America In Context Team