Reserve your copy of Stolen Dignity: An Expose on The Troubled Teen Industry


Reserve your copy of Stolen Dignity: An Expose on The Troubled Teen Industry


In 2016, I embarked on a journey to tell a story about one of the biggest human rights abuses in modern history, an issue that's been operating right under our noses for decades and we are not talking about it. Well, it’s time for that to change. 

Kids, young kids were force fed raw chicken, strip searched and kidnapped--- all under the guise of therapy?  It sounds crazy and obviously unethical at a basic level but shockingly, it's 100 % legal. There is an entire industry built on abusing teens that you would not believe happens right here in the United States. This multi-billion dollar industry, which has been dubbed troubled teen industry, encompasses a wide range of facilities for 'bad kids' including wilderness programs, residential treatment centers, and drug rehab facilities among others. This big business is built atop the vulnerability of the American family and has largely not been held to account.

That's why I decided to write a book called Stolen Dignity: An Expose on The Troubled Teen Industry to hold the people behind this business accountable, to be the voice of the voiceless and empower victims, regardless if they were kids who were abused or parents who were misled and lied to, they deserve justice. No one should be taken advantage of the way this fairly unchecked industry has been doing for decades. 

The book explores the real human stories of victims of vile practices normalized in this industry and the laws that allow these shocking stories to be 100 % legal.

I’ve truly been shocked by these stories-- rocked to my very core. I am saddened by the realities that these centers rob children of their dignity and the industry's bizarre attempts to justify these abusive practices. Even after four years of research, I have yet to find a reason why any of these practices are justified. 

I am, however, inspired by the bravery and strength of the victims and their families that came forward to tell me their stories. 

After nearly 5,000 interviews (yes, five thousand) over a four year period, I am ready to share with you one of the most impactful pieces of reporting I’ve had the honor of working on.

During my latest promotion of the book I’ve learned about how many people faced abuse from these programs outlined in the book even from people that I didn't interview for the book-- people I know in my daily life-- in a social context.

I had no idea this was part of the fabric of the identity and the humanity of some of my closest personal friends, mentors, colleagues and confidants. It’s shocking how prevalent this is while remaining such a taboo from mainstream dialogue.

The abuse in the troubled teen industry has been underreported by many outlets and overlooked completely by others. 
As a mainstream journalist myself, I've been dismayed by that reality but I hope that with this book that will change.

This investigative reporting gets to root of why journalism is so important --- to hold power to account.